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93media is a new digital marketing and media company with a focus on common sense best business practices. Services offered will be web site construction, digital search optimization and digital marketing strategy for small business.


Think big.

The only thing worse then starting something and failing, is not starting something.

-Seth Godin Founder Squidoo


Studies have shown that 72% of all major purchase decisions are now influenced by research online. Studies have also shown that 50% of all new small businesses started in 2016 do not have a web presence.

As our increasingly interconnected world continues to consume information via smart phone and tablets, these trends will only continue to grow. New and small business will soon have to ask, “can we afford NOT to be online”?

As a new or small business your time is limited, so don’t waste it.  93media will build a professional web site and put your company in front of this growing trend in new online traffic.


This web site is currently under construction. We expect to be fully functional as soon as possible.